Stop Nail Biting Using Home Remedies, Easy Tips To Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting is annoying and a very hard to break habit which affects many people of all ages. Obvious most people would find it repulsive to find a person biting his or her fingernails. But unfortunately in both children and adults, nail biting is seen and this is a habit which is difficult to get rid off.

What cause the nail biting habit?

There are many factors causing the problem such as follows:
  • Insecurity
  • Nervousness
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety or
  • Excitement

  • Bad Impression to others
  • Weak nails
  • Damaged fingers caused by chewing the nail down to the sensitive skin beneath the nail.

How can you stop this habit of nail biting?

Home remedies for nail biting
  • Rub anything that tastes bitter or pungent in your nails frequently. You can use bitter gourd juice, or lemon juice or hot pepper sauce. Such non-toxic bitter, sour or spicy substances will stop you from biting your nails. But always be careful. Do not rub your eyes by mistake.
  • When at home, wear cotton gloves. That way, you can’t get at your nails.
  • Tape an adhesive bandage around the tip of each finger. This is helpful in stopping nail biting.
  • Keep a clipper or a filer closeby. Whenever you have the urge to bite nails, use the clipper or filer to trim and give it a smooth edge.
  • Keep your hands busy by painting, sewing, knitting, writing, playing games, etc. so that there is no urge of nail niting.
  • If your nail is brittle and gives way to rough edge, then make it a habit to dip your nails in warm olive oil for about half an hour everyday. This will help in strengthening your nails.
  • Keep your mind away from the thought of biting nails. Some people say that chewing gum helps as it will keep your mouth occupied all the while and keep your mind distracted.
  • If all else fails then it is better to cut your nails to a minimal. This will automatically stop biting them as there will be nothing there to bite.

Other Easy Tips to stop nail biting habit
  • Apply nail paint formulated using bitter formula. These are available at all local drug stores. Apply on your finger nails, cuticles and the surrounding skin a number of times during the day and also at night. This make your nail tastes bitter. After sometime, you will give up nail biting.
  • Another technique involves applying acrylic nails as this helps the biting process completely. The acrylic taste will repel you from biting your nails in the future.
  • Manicure your nails regularly. The beautiful sight of your nails would make you stay away from biting nails.

NoteAs already mentioned nail biting is a habit and it is a known fact that it is not so easy to give up a habit at one go. It takes time.
So encourage yourself and get into the habit of getting rid of nail biting by following the remedies and tips given above. I am sure, once you get accustomed to this habit, your habit of nail biting will disappear. JUST REMEMBER YOU LOOK YUCKY IN FRONT OF OTHERS WHEN YOU BITE YOUR NAILS.