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Straight, silky hair is something that many young girls desire to have. According to fashionistas, straight hair perks up a girl's attitude quotient. There are many ways to straighten your hair through chemicals and rebonding and heating. However, the best way to have straight silky hair is by adopting natural methods of straightening instead of using harsh, harmful expensive chemicals.
Natural straightening methods are safe, comparatively cheap and is done using several home products that are easily available. It is to be noted that natural hair straightening methods take time but regular and continuous application of them would not only straighten hair naturally, but also nourish and moisturize it. Get the shine, softness, silky straight hair naturally.

How to Straighten Hair Naturally ?
Presented below are natural ways to straighten your hair.

Hair straightening using milk
Take a spray bottle. Add in it 1/3 cup of milk. Now before you take a shower, spray milk all over your dry hair for about an half an hour or so. Remove the tangles using a wide tooth comb. Then shampoo you hair. Use conditioner as usual. You are done. This will last till the next time you wash your hair.

Hair straightening using milk and honey
Though milk can be used alone, adding a few drops of honey would further increase its nourishing quality. This will make it more suitable for curly and dry hair.

Straighten your hair using castor oil
Take some castor oil in the palms of your hands and apply smoothly on your hair. Turn the blow dryer on the highest setting and see that you can can tolerate it. While blow drying, slowly comb from root to tip. Do this ttll you can comb straight through your hair without stops. Do this until your whole hair is done. Now use a cold, mildly damp washcloth and pat it very lightly on your hair. Dry it off with a towel. This will give a smooth, straight look to your hair. However, this method is not effective for very curly hair.

Use coconut milk and lime juice to straight your hair
Grind coconut meat in a blender. Add the juice of 1 lime into it. The blending will form a creamy consistency. Now put this creamy mixture in a container and let it rest overnight. Rub the cream all over your head the next morning. Massage it deep into your scalp. Wrap your hair in a hot towel for 1 hour to let the oil penetrate your hair follicles completely. Shampoo your hair as normal. This mixture will straighten your hair naturally without harsh chemicals. Do it three times a week. Your hair will gradually straighten.

Hair straightening using egg and olive oil
Olive oil and eggs are both considered to have good moisturizing properties and can provide good nourishment to dry and damaged hair. Beat two eggs and then add one or two spoons of olive oil in it. After mixing properly, apply this using a soft brush thoroughly on hair. Afetr few hours, shampoo and condition your hair in the usual way.