Get the Perfect Flavor and Nutrition from Green Tea

To get the exact flavor, taste and also the health benefits, it is very essential that you should know how to make Green Tea properly. Making green tea is easy and simple. However, the brewing process centers on precision. If few details are missed, your tea won’t taste or smell pleasant. Green tea is sensitive to certain things which might destroy its taste and flavor. You just have to get accustomed to its properties.

How to prepare Green Tea
Things Required
Green tea leaves, a strainer, a pan and some hot water.

Note 5 Teaspoons of Green Tea Leaves per 1 Cup of Water
  • Fill the pan with water as per your requirement and heat it. If you are using a oven, then heat it to 80 to 85C. This is the normal brewing temperature. See to it that the water does not boil, since it will ruin the flavor.
  • Place the leaves in the tea strainer and set the strainer on the coffee cup.
  • Pour the hot water in the strainer. The flavored water drops into the cup.
  • Keep the tea leaves soaked for 2 to 21/2 to extract more flavor from the leaves.
  • Remove the strainer. Serve or enjoy your drink.

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  • Use filtered water.

  • The best way to drink green tea is to taste the warm or little hot, fresh, just-made-tea.
  • Please do not drink cold or cool tea, as it will hurt your organs.
  • In summer, a cup of warm green tea will let you cool down.
  • The strained tea leaves can be used for another serving. To preserve its flavor, soaking the strainer immediately in cold water right after. You’ll get nearly as much flavor as the first serving for your next cup. However dont repeat the process after that.

Green Tea is Sensitive
Green tea is very sensitive and it can loose its flavor, taste, and nutrition value if it is contacted directly or indirectly with any one of the following:
  • Sunshine

  • High humidity

  • Fingers

  • High temperature

  • Oils

  • Any chemical smell or any chemical products

  • Of course time

Green tea in a can or or a bag should be packed properly in a plastic zip bag, and stored in a lower refrigerator. This will keep tea fresh up to two years. It is said that if you put one or two cigarettes without its filter in the zip bag or in the bag/can of tea, it will be the best. This is Chinese experience followed by every generation.