Create Your Own Home Mini Spa

When it comes to true relaxation there is nothing like going for a spa. The spa is designed to be a place where you can take a break from your demanding life and revamp your body and mind. There are different types of spas like facials, face massage, manicure, pedicure, hot bath, bosy massage and the body wrap that can relax you and remove the stress and pressures faced in your daily life, leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed. With our busy lifestyles its not always easy to go to the spa when we need a mini retreat for ourselves. Moreover spas are expensive. So why not opt for a home made spa? But for this you must have access to a bath tub and certain essentials. Pamper your body at your very own home spa by making arrangements for a bubble or steam bath. Create your own mini home spa and splash in luxury and style in less space and low budget.

Things You Need for Home Bath Spa:

Bathtub (naturally :)
Soothing music
Fresh flowers
Essential oils
Fresh Fruit, Water or Wine
Face mask, hair mask
Body scrub
Body lotion and face moisturizer

How to start?

  • Always fix a particular day of the week and stick to it. Set aside a minimum of one hour for yourself. The more time you can give it, the better!
    Get all the supplies you need beforehand.

  • Make sure that you have the place to yourself and ry to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Fill the tub with tolerably hot water before your grand entrance.

  • Use essential oils, natural sea salts or any other bath products that you enjoy.

  • Light the room with the natural light of candles, including the edge of the tub. Dim lights are suitable if you don't have candles.

  • Fluff up several towels in the dryer and have them warm and ready. This should be done minutes before you enter the bathroom.

  • Keep a plate of fresh cut fruits that you like (maybe strawberries, grapes or melons) near the tub. This adds a fresh scent and also gives a cooling effect in your mouth as you relax in the steamy water.

  • If you enjoy wine, then this is the best time to enjoy your drink. Or else opt for a cool glass of water or a fresh squeezed juice.

  • Try to make the bathroom smell good and fresh as smell is very powerful in the relaxation process. Make use of nicely scented products that you enjoy and associate with relaxation.

  • Fresh flowers are also very fragrant. You can add the petals to the water before entering the tub.

  • Choose some soothing background music that will create that spa feel.

  • Another powerful prop that can be used is a table top fountain as it can help you unwind and relax with the soothing sounds of running water.

  • Put on your favourite face mask and a hair mask while you are in the tub and relax.

  • At the end of your Spa experience, use a body scrub.

  • Towel dry and put on some body lotion and face moisturizer to sooth your skin.