Natural Home Remedies Using Neem, Benefits of Neem Leaves, Nature's Wonder Tree: The Neem Tree

Trees and plants have been used by man from time immemorial to fight against various diseases. Among many medicinal trees, the neem tree was given the prime position because of its ability to treat a wide variety of diseases. No wonder neem is mentioned in the vedas as 'sarvaroga nivarani' meaning 'one that cures all illnesses and ailments'. Neem tree is commonly known as margosa tree in English language and Azadirachta indica in biological terms. It is part of every Indian home due to its great application . It is also considered a sacred tree by Hindus. No wonder it is called a 'villagers' dispensary' in India!

Neem Products in the Market
Every part of the neem tree, including its branches, leaves, barks are used for medicinal purposes. Knowing the importance of neem, varied ayurvedic formulations are made to produce
  • Neem soap
  • Neem oil
  • Neem Toothpaste
  • Neem Shampoo
  • Neem Facewash
  • Neem Fertilizer
  • Neem Insect repellant
  • Neem Tea
  • Neem Capsules

Natural home remedies using neem: How do you use natural neem?
Though the medicinal neem products available in the market are important and effective, there is nothing like using fresh neem for varied purposes. If you have a neem tree at home, you can very well used it for many health benefits. It is said that even sleeping under a neem tree is beneficial and therepeutic. In India, even today you can find villagers brushing their teeth using neem twigs. Neem leaves contain medicinal value that is good for the skin. Often, skin problems arise from impurities in the body. Neem helps in blood purification and detoxifying the bacterial infection inside the body.

How to use neem Neem for skin treatment?
  • Boil neem leaves and use the water to wash the face instead of regular water. The neem will kill any bacteria or germs on the surface. This is very useful for inflammations also.
  • Taking bath of neem leaves socked water helps our body to counter mild infections, which our body might get in day-to-day activity.
  • Neem leaves are good in curing chicken pox and measles. In India, the leaves are placed under the bedsheet of the person having chicken pox. This helps in relieving itching and also prevents the formation of scabs and avoids the leaving of marks on the skin.
  • You can make a face pack by grounding neem leaves to a paste and mix with fresh turmeric. This makes excellent tonic when applied to the face as it clears the face of pimples and also reduces scars.
  • The bark of the neem tree is also useful. Tender bark should be rubbed till a paste is formed and it can be aaplied on the skin. This paste is a very good conditioner for the face and acts as a cooling agent in summer and also cures boils and prickly heat.

How to take neem leaves for health benefits?
Neem leaves should be boiled and drunk every morning. This helps detoxify the body and kill all germs. Neem leaves stimulate the immune system, improves liver function, promotes a healthy circulative, respiratory and digestive system and also famous as a malaria treatment. Neem leaves can be fried in little oil and can be taken. This is good for diabetes. You can also chew neem leaves, take few leaves, clean and put it in your mouth on one side either left or right and then start chewing fast. And dont try to feel the taste while you chew them. Once your are done swallow the whole neem paste in one go and take one gulp of water. Continue this neem therapy for 3-4 days continuously and then give a gap of 3 days and then start again. See what difference it does to your body? It is much better and much more effective tan taking neem capsules.

Neem for hair
Neem promotes shiny, healthy hair, prevents premature graying, combats dryness and may even help with some forms of hair loss. For this you have
apply neem oil which is available in the market. Applying neem oil on nails prevent them from breaking and make them stronger. Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of neem.

Other benefits of neem
Agricultural: It is in agriculture where most of the research for exploring the benefits of Neem for crop production has been done. Neem oil, Neem cake, leaves and other parts of Neem tree are being used quite extensively in the agriculture sector in different parts of world. Being an insecticide, its main uses include as soil amendment, fertilizer efficiency enhancer, very effective foliar pesticide and also in food storage.

Food Storage in home: Neem fresh leaves are also used on small scale for storage of food grain at home quite effectively,