Quick Easy Ways to Shrink Your Waistline

Well are you interested in having that flat stomach or shrink waistline without bothering to go to a gym or go on a crazy diet ? Do you hate doing sit ups and crunches at home or gym but want a flat stomach? You are busy, may be you are fat, you are health conscious but dont have time or may be you are moderately fit but just wanted to trim your waist line further, well here is how to shrink waist fat using simple techniques at home or office. Doing exercises at home is a popular and convenient option for many people to obtain a thin and toned waistline.

Tips to follow: Daily habits
  • Try to sit tall, straight up at a 90 degree angle in your office. If your work requires sitting all day at a desk then this is the best position.

  • Again for office workers, try too take breaks in between and walk around.

  • Use the stairs and not the elevator/

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Drink tea. It helps in reducing appetite before meals.

  • Do not over eat or over-drink. Take small meals at small interval. Frequent big meals will definitely expand your waist.

Exercises at home: Shrink Waist Fat

Abs squeezing: This is a very popular method of waist reduction. Anytime in office or at home, tighten down and flex your abdominal muscles. Hold that flexed position for 5 seconds at a time. Do this for any number of times during the day. You don't have to do them all in a row. Just do it while watching Television or sitting in front of the computer. But remember dont do this immediately after having a heavy meal.

Shake the hips (preferably with hula hooping)
Well not everyone can do hula hoping but atleast you can get one at home and shake your hip just like the hula dancers and belly dancers. You dont have to be a professional but atleast you can try to give that twist and shake. Just try this out when you have time, Overtime it will definitely reduce your waistline. (Have you ever seen any hula dancers with fat waist?) Go get yourself a nice, weighted hula hoop. But please dont choose the kids stuff as they are too light and will fall to the ground almost immediately.

Purchase a yoga ball from a local fitness store and sit on it up straight while you are plugging away on a laptop or watching television. Yoga balls are large balls, easy to inflate. Sitting on them during normal activities forces you to use your core in order to stay on the ball. This is a great way to trim your waistline. Make a habit of using it.