Weird Household Tips that Actually Work

We've all heard different tips to use on different household problems. Some work. Some dont. Some tips and tricks may even seem so weird that you roll your eyes and do not make use of them all together. But strange, they work. Just try these following tips and tricks. They all work wonderfully!

  • Make plant leaves glossy and shiny by rubbing them with a little mayonnaise and a paper towel. They'll shine for weeks!
  • Does your shower curtain stick? Rub hair conditioner on the rod, and the rings will move smoothly.
  • Use a wide candle as a pincushion. The wax helps pins and needles slide in and out of fabric more easily.
  • If you've lost your bathtub plug, use a golf ball as a substitute. It stays in place and rolls back if dislodged.

  • Ripen green tomatoes by storing them in a paper bag with an already ripe apple for a couple of days. Don't put more than five or six tomatoes in one bag.
  • Remove teacup stains by rubbing the inside with a cut lemon. For extra scrubbing power, dip the lemon in kosher salt. Then, wash in hot, soapy water.
  • Speed up slow moving ketchup by inserting a plastic drinking straw into the bottle.
  • Check to see if a cake is done by sticking an uncooked strand of spaghetti into its center. If there's moist batter on it when you pull it out, the cake needs to bake longer. If it's dry, the cake is done.
  • The best storage container for a raw onion after it is cut is a airtight screw top glass jar. A cut onion can be refrigerated this way for up to a week.

  • Remove dirty or greasy fingerprints from painted walls or non-washable wallpaper by rubbing the area with a slice of white bread.
  • To get animal hair off car seats or the sofa, run a rubber glove over the upholstery. Hair sticks to the glove and comes right off.
  • Clean a bathroom mirror with shaving cream, then wipe with a soft cloth. It helps defog the mirror after showers.
  • Shine small copper items by rubbing gently with a cotton swab dipped in ketchup. Rub off with a cotton cloth and they'll gleam.