Benefits of Onion, Health Benefits of Onions,

Onions: More than a flavored agent.
It is a great idea to introduce onion into your meals at least a few times a week in order to gain a healthy supply of important vitamins and nutrients.
Onions are great for overall well being of the body. Talking about culinary delights, onions have been used in most of the food preparations. Onions could be consumed raw, fried in oil, pickled in vinegar, baked and boiled. Having antibacterial and antifungal properties, onions are being used for centuries not just to add flavor to foods but also for their therapeutic properties. Onions are indeed a boon to mankind that make us cry while curing us of several illnesses at the same time. Get to know the health benefits of onions:

Anemia: People who are anemic should take onions on regular basis. Onions can be taken raw or fried in your daily diet plan. Onion juice also cures the condition of anemia. You can also eat onions along with jaggery and water.
Constipation: Onions are very effective for constipation problems.
Breathing & Asthma Problems: Onions are effective for curing breathing and asthma problems. Besides taking in raw or fried form, you can also opt for mixing part of onion juice with warm water for effective results in breathing problems.
Blood Pressure:Onions helps to keep the blood pressure of a person in total control.
Cholesterol & Heart: Eating half a medium raw onion daily significantly helps to lower the LDL cholesterol, correct thrombosis, thinning of blood and preventing heart attacks.
Diabetes:Onion helps to curb excessive diabetes in a person.
Good Oral Health: By chewing raw onions for 2 to 3 minutes can prevent tooth decay and oral infections as it kills all the germs present in the mouth area.
Glowing Skin: Onion juice mixed with honey or olive oil is said to be best treatment for acne condition.
Cough: To get relive from sore throat and cough symptoms, consuming equal mixture of onion juice and honey.
Used as Insect Repellent: Onions also act as insect repellents. Onion juice or onion paste when applied externally provides relief in insect bites and scorpion stings.
Boost Sexual Drive: One table spoon of onion juice along with spoonful of ginger juice, taken trice a day can boost the libido and sex drive.
Urinary Disorders: If you are suffering from burning sensation during urination, then drink water boiled with 6 to 7 gm of onion. Onions can provide considerable relief.
Cancer: Onions are rich in active compounds that successfully prevent the development of cancerous cells.
Earache: If you have ear aches then a few drops of onion juice may actually prove immensely beneficial.
Hair Loss: A study has shown that applying onion juice on scalp twice a week atleast for 2 months will lead to hair regrowth.
Immune Booster:Useful in cold weather to ward off infection, reduce fever and sweat out colds and flu.

Important Tips
  • Choose onions that are well-shaped, have dry and crisp outer skins.
  • Dont buy onions which are already sprouting or have signs of decay, wilting or discolored tops.
  • Store onions room temperature but well ventilated area away from bright light so as to prevent roots from growing.
  • DO NOT put onions together with potatoes as they will absorb the moisture and ethylene gas from potatoes and rot faster.
  • While cutting onions, chill the onions for about an hour before peeling, or peel them in a tub of water. This will prevent you from crying while cutting onions.
  • Store Cut onions in an air-tight condition to prevent oxidization. Use within one or two days.