Healthy Hair in 6 Easy Steps, Make Your Hair Healthy in 6 steps

To prevent hair loss , hair damage and to maintain hair hrowth and health , you just need to take regular care of your hair. Hair care does not necessarily mean frequent visits to beauty salons and applying a wide variety of chemical products. You can have healthy hair even without the use of expensive hair care products. Here are six easy steps that you should take to have lovely and health hair.
Healthy Hair

Wash your hair properlyDirt, pollution are the biggest enemies of your hair. Hair should be washed hair frequently to keep your hair clean. Select a shampoo according to your hair type. Always use a mild shampoo like a herbal shampoo, which is free from harsh chemicals that damage the hair and often good for most hair types.

Apply hair oilTo make your hair soft, apply hair oil. It is always better if you apply oil before washing your hair and atleast 2-3 times a week. If you have dry hair, leave the oil in your hair overnight, and shampoo your hair in the morning. People with oily hair could avoid hair oils. Coconut oil, olive oil are good for your hair. If you want to retain the natural color of your hair, you can boil few curry leaves or mulberries in your hair oil, and massage your hair and scalp with the oil. You can also give a hot towel pack after oiling. You hair becomes soft and silky after washing.

Avoid hair dryerStop using hair dryers. Always try to dry your hair naturally. The hot air emitted by your hair dryer is harmful to the hair and it makes the hair dry and frizzy. If you use a hair dryer, then keep the dryer a few inches away from the hair follicles.

Stay away from hair styling productsFor styling, hair gels and hair sprays are frequently used in salons. Though they are important for hair styling, they could ruin your hair. Try to make minimal use of these products. Alcohol based hair styling products are particularly bad for the hair. Do not apply them on the scalp. If at all you need to apply hair gel or spray, make sure you oil and shampoo your hair properly the next day. 

Protect your hair from chlorinated water
Chlorinated water is bad for the hair. If you are fond of swimming then asways remember to wear a cap to save your hair from the chlorinated water of the pool before plunging in it.

DietDiet rich in calcium, iron, zinc, silica and protein is good for the hair. Excess fatty foods, animal protein, sugar, coffee and alcohol might prevent healthy hair growth.