Honey as a Natural Remedy, Health Benefits and Uses of honey, Home Remedies using Honey

Honey is a natural cure all promoting general health and well being. With a sugary taste, honey has some excellent natural substances that are relevant to maintain a healthy life. Gifted by nature, honey is a fantastic health food which is used not only as medicines but also in home remedies, baking, and beauty recipes. With medicinal and healing properties, honey is one of the purest and most natural forms of remedy. It is very essential that you keep a bottle of honey in the kitchen for emergency use, health and kitchen uses.

Health Benefits and Uses of honey
  • Burns: Honey when applied over burns easily cools, removes pain and helps in fast healing. Honey consists of salve and antibiotic as a result of which bacteria cannot exists in honey.
  • Healing wounds:Wounds such as cuts, grazes, scrape when covered with honey and bandage is an excellent healer.
  • Bed Wetting:A teaspoon of honey before going to bed helps water retention, and calms fears in children. This helps to avoid bed wetting in children.
  • To have a proper sleep: Honey helps you to sleep. If you have sleepless nights or if your child is not having a proper sleep at night, then drinking a cup of hot milk mixed with a dessert spoon of honey provide the solution. Honey acts as a mild sedative (minerals, vitamins amino acids) aiding sleep.
  • Clear nasal congestion:Take a big bowl of hot boiling water and a dessert spoon or two of honey in it. Bend over the bowl, covering your head and the bowl with a large towel and inhale the fumes. Your nasal congestion will be cleared.
  • Digestion:Mix honey and apple cider vinegar in equal quantities. Dilute with water. This drink helps digestion. This also eases joint inflammation.
  • Cough and Cold: Coughs, cold and sore throat are common disorders. Take a teaspoon of honey and swallow it down your throat. Honey works excellently for sore throats.
  • Appease your taste buds:Eat a spoonful of honey to appease your taste buds. If you have eaten any thing pungent, spicy and feel your tongue burning after, then eat a spoonful of honey.
  • Energy Booster:A spoon of honey every morning give you the much needed boost of energy. You can also mix a spoon of honey with water. This is a good remedy to calm highs and raise lows.
  • To gain calcium: A teaspoon of honey per day helps calcium utilization and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Heart: Heart patients are advised to replace sugar with honey. It has natural fructose and glucose.
  • Honey for Longevity: Regular users of honey are considered to be most long lived people. Beekeepers are known to suffer less from arthritis, cancer than any other working group worldwide.
  • Migraine:For people who have frequent migraine attacks, a spoon of honey dissolved in half a glass of warm water, after repeated intervals is effective.
  • Improving Immune System:Honey improves the immune system in our body. With its anti-bacterial and antioxidant ingredients, it helps us to fight diseases and remain healthy by improving our digestive system.
  • Conjunctivitis:Honey dissolved in equal quantity of warm water is good eyebath or lotion for the conjunctivitis.
  • Improving digestion:Adding honey to diary products such as sour milk and yogurts can improve your digestion and bowel movements.

Home Remedies Using Honey
  • Honey and Weight Loss:Take a cup of warm water and mix one tablespoon of honey with lemon juice. Drink this in an empty stomach every morning. It helps in weight loss.
  • For Curing coughs:Mix 6 oz. of liquid honey, 2 oz. of glycerin and juice of two lemons. Mix well, store it tightly screwed bottle and use when required. An instant home made remedy for cough.
  • Food preservative: Honey is good food preservative. While baking cakes replace sugar with honey. The cakes will stay fresher longer due to natural antibiotics as honey retains moisture.
  • Pain relief: Make a paste of honey and one spoon of cinnamon powder and mix this in lukewarm water and prepare a paste. Apply this paste to the aching body part and you will get good pain relief.
  • Honey in beauty treatments:Honey is widely used as facial treatment. There are different facial recipes depending on the skin type which we will be discussing in another post "Beauty treatment using honey".
  • Honey for reducing cholesterol:If your cholesterol level is high, then you can reduce this by using a mixture of honey and cinnamon. This will help you to reduce your blood cholesterol in 2 hours time by 10%. For this you can mix 2 spoons of honey, 3 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon with green tea and take this mixture daily.