Quick and Simple Household Tips: Timely Advices to Help You in Your Household Chores

Presenting before you a collection of some household tips. Some timely advices to help you in your household chores.

  • To clean mirrors and window glass, sprinkle ammonia on a rag and wipe.
  • Apply a coat of clear nail polish on the cover of the label of medicine bottle. This wont smear the label with medicine spills.
  • You can brighten up rug colors by using a cloth wrung out of warm water to which ammonia and salt have been added and wiping an old soiled rug.
  • A paste of vinegar, flour, and salt makes an excellent cleaner for copper, brass, or pewter. Let paste stand 1 hour on the object, wipe off, wash and polish.
  • If you do not like the objectionable odor of new paint, then place a bucket of water in the freshly painted room.
  • Rub a bit of furniture wax on a soft cloth and pass it lightly over the writing on the package you must take in the rain to post or mail. Address will not blur.
  • If you need a wide piece of wax paper, seal two strips together with a hot iron; it cools quickly.
  • Put a safety pin in a certain corner of the rug before you take it up. In this way you can distribute the wear and know how the rug was laid before.
  • Put aside an old pair of white gloves and use them for cleaning the slats on your venetian blinds. Slip the gloves on and, with your fingers, you’ll be able to reach every bit of dust.
  • Rubber tends to darken silverware, so never put anything made of rubber in the silver drawers. Use cord or ribbon to hold silver together–not rubber bands.
  • To remove the yellow stains from enameled bathtubs and wash basins, wash with salt and turpentine.
  • White spots on furniture that has been caused by water, hot dishes, or alcohol, may be removed by rubbing the stains with camphorated oil or oil of peppermint.
  • Wax candles will burn more slowly and for a longer period of time if they are chilled in the icebox several days before they are lighted.
  • Wrap a strip of adhesive tape around picture frame wire exactly at the center. This will keep the wire from slipping and always hold the picture in place.
  • One of the best things for polishing mirrors and glass of all sorts after washing is crumpled tissue paper.

  • Hang rubber gloves with a piece of cellulose tape to a towel rack; this enables the air to get inside for quick drying and they will not stick together.
  • Put all left-over pieces of soap, either hand or laundry soap, and place in a can. Pour a small amount of water over them and place on back of stove, the soap will melt and form a jelly. This is ideal for washing dishes or clothes.
  • If you have a brass or metal door knocker, wax it immediately after polishing. This practice will keep it bright.