Natural Home Remedies for Headache & Migraine, Quick Relieving Tips for Headache

Headache is a problem suffered by almost 99% of the world’s population. There are more severe headaches called migraines. There are a number of factors that cause a migraine like change in the weather, missing a meal, alcohol, certain foods, stress, tension, lack of sleep and also the menstrual cycle of women. In some cases, migraines appear to run in families. If one of your parents suffered with migraines, there is a good chance that you will get them too.

Symptoms of Migraine
Some people complain that visual problems like bright shimmering lights around objects or at the edges of the field of vision, wavy images, zigzag lines, or hallucinations accompany their migraines. Other symptoms may include severe pain in the area of the temples, around the eyes or in the back of the head. Migraines may also be accompanied by fatigue, nausea, or tiredness, and mood changes a day or two preceding the headache.

Home Remedies for Migraines
There are certain therapies and home remedies you can try at home to relieve your migraine pain and get fast relief.
  • Drink water. Dehydration can be a big cause of headaches.
  • A warm bath can also help you to get good pain relief.
  • MassageIf you feel a migraine coming on, get a massage. Stress is one major factor for migraines. With stress, your muscle is tightened up. By massaging the muscles in your neck and shoulders, muscles relax and the discomfort will be reduced. You will get more comfort if someone else does it for you but if it is not possible, then try yourself to give a neck and head massage.
  • Sit in a comfy position and close your eyes if you experience visible effects like flashing lights. Carefully massage your temples or the area slightly below your cheek bones.
  • Cold or Warm Compress also works best in migraines. For cold compress take a towel. Wet it and squeeze to remove water out. Fold the towel and put it in the freezer. Leave in for few minutes till the towel begins to stiffen up. Unfold the towel and refold,. Now place the frozen section towards the middle and the wet sections toward the outside. When the towel is reasonably frozen, place around the head and eyes. Most people report that a cold compress works best, but if that is not effective, try a warm compress.
  • Drink coffee. Caffeine in coffee can restrict blood vessels, it can lessen pain. It consists of some pain over-the-counter pain medicines. But , mind it , it can also trigger headaches for some people. So carefully try this remedy. If someone uses caffeine excessively, it can cause a rebound headache, making existing headaches worse.
  • Acupressure is also one of the good home remedies for migraine headaches. To get headache pain relief, squeeze the fleshy area between your thumb and forefinger for at least five minutes. You can also gently rub using small circular motions the little indentations just in front of your ears.
  • Salt consumption: Another remedy is salt consumption. Eat anything salty in large quantity like chips, fries if you feel the slightest hint of the headache.
  • Tying a headband around the headis a practice that's been done since ancient times. Some claim that it works, if the pain is not the severe one.
  • UsePeppermint oil and rub it on the part of your head that hurts.

Prevent headache
A good way to relieve the headache is to prevent it. Keep a diary to monitor when do you have a headaches, what triggers you headache, what works, what does not and so on. Close scrutiny can uncover patterns, like getting a migraine attack after eating certain foods or after lack of sleep, after drinking alcohol or after not eating for many hours and so on. If you kanow the cause, you can control and prevent migraine attack to a great extent. Home remedies can do wonders for you and the less medicines you take, the better.