Make your hair curly naturally, Natural curls without heat, Use paper bags, braid your hair, make buns to curl your hair

Are you tired of the same, simple and plane look of your straight hair? Do you want to make your straight hair curly? Curly hair gives that gorgeous and elegant appearance, adds extra grace and charm to any outfit. If you want to experiment with your looks, if you are born with natural straight hair finding it really difficult to curl it up, if you want to get curly hair at least for some special occasion, there are few methods to make straight hair curly at home. Yes, you have read it right. You dont need to go to the parlor, you don't need to use hot iron to curl your hair, you dont need to use chemicals. Presenting before you few easy methods on how to curl your hair at home.

To curl your hair, always wash your hair. Curls look nicer in clean hair. Use shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry. Just squeeze out the excess water with a towel. Keep your hair slightly damp. The curls will last longer this way. Comb your hair using a wide toothed comb. Remove all the tangles. You can also make use of A detangler cream. Comb your hair again to make sure the cream is spread evenly.

Method 1: Make braids to curl your hair
Curling your hair by making braids is a little time-taking, it requires your patience. Separate your wet hair in 10-15 sections. Make tight braids till the end with each section. Tie a rubber band at the end of each braids. The size of the braid depends on the size of the curls you want. The bigger the braid, the less curly the hair. The smaller the braids, more curly the wave. Experiment to find out what looks nice and what you like. You can choose to blow-dry your hair or let it dry on its own. Keep it like this for atleast 8-10 hours. It would be better if you try this method at night. You can sleep with the braids on. Next morning open the braids by softly moving your fingers through your hair. You would find that fine curls have formed in your hair. DO NOT comb. Even if you comb your hair, use a wide-toothed comb. This is indeed a feasible and executable idea to make yourself glamorous in an easy way.

Method 3: Hair curl using paper bags/paper napkins
Take unused paper bags. Just lay the bag flat as it is without unfolding it and tear into strips. you can also use paper napkins. Use these strips to roll your hair sections as shown in the video. Tie a knot with the paper bag ends. Continue till all your hair is tied up. Once you are done, let it remain overnight or atleast for 3-4 hours.

Method 2: Use Hair clips, Bobby pins and make Tiny Buns to cuurl your hair
Keep your hair wet. Split your hair into two sections. Take a small part of one of the sections of the wet hair. Wrap the wet hair around one finger. Pin it up with a bobby pin or clip. Do this for the rest of the hair sections. Keep your small buns with the pins on the hair for some time. The longer you wait, the curlier they will become. Then carefully take the bobby pins out.