Quick Tips For Beautiful Strong Nails, Beautiful Strong Nails, How to Make Nails Strong and Beautiful?

There is no instant nail care cure but it is a regular caring routine for your nails that can result in your nails looking their best. Our fingernails are created in such a way that it can withstand all abuses like chopping vegetables, washing clothes, typing on the desktop, opening envelop, scratching the itchy body part and what not. Nails get weaker and brittle if not properly taken care of. Though it is very difficult to prevent the nails from breaking up altogether but what we can do is to make them stronger and beautiful. So, here are a few tips on how to make your nails from strong, prevent splitting by following few simple steps at your home.
  • Improve your diet: Increase your intake of cauliflowers, beans, lentils and peanuts. They are good sources of biotin which is known to strengthen nails. Include fish in your diet, which is helpful in strengthening the nails. Go on a rich diet of protein, calcium and iron.
  • Moisturize your nails frequently: The nails become brittle and when they are very dry. So, it is very important to moisturize the nails. Rub a small amount of petroleum jelly into your cuticle and the skin surrounding your nails before you go to bed or whenever your nails feel dry. You can also use castor oil, which is rich in vitamin E and which is great for your cuticles. Or head to your kitchen cupboard and grab the olive oil.
  • Avoid frequent contact with water:Our nail expands when it absorbs water and contracts when it dries out and when this is repeated more the nails become brittle. Our nails already have enormous water absorbent capacity and hence it is essential to avoid its contact with water as far as possible.
  • Use rubber gloves: For houshold work like gardening to scrubbing the bathroom to washing dishes, wear rubber gloves. And for extra hand softness, apply hand cream before you put on the rubber gloves.
  • Avoid excessive use of soap and water.
  • Trim your toe nails: Trim your toenails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.
  • Dry your hands: After doing anykind of work using water like doing the dishes, taking a bath/shower, swimming etc. dry your nails both finger and toe nails for at least two minutes.Leaving them damp increases your risk of fungal infection.
  • Never put your feet into damp, sweaty shoes, which could lead to fungal infections.
  • Nails with white spots: This is a sign of low zinc intake. Drink a glass of milk and a hard-boiled egg to your daily diet. They'll do wonders for your nails as the diet is rich in zinc.
  • File your nails correctly: To keep your nails strong, avoid filing in a back-and-forth motion. Go in one direction only. And never file just after you've gotten out of a shower or bath. This is because wet nails break more easily.
  • Don’t be too harsh on your nails: Do not use your nails to do tough tasks. Do use them as a screwdriver or staple removers or tweezers. Your nails will grow stronger if you abuse them less.
  • Polish your nails regularly even if its just a clear coat: Polishing your nails protects your nails. If you prefer color, use a base coat, two thin coats of color, and a top coat. Color should last at least seven days but should be removed after 10-15 days.
  • Massage your nails to keep them extra strong and shiny. This helps in increasing blood supply to the nail.
  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals: Avoid polish removers with acetone or formaldehyde. They remove moisture from nails and make them more brittle.
  • Never pull off hangnails, but clip them with cuticle clippers.
  • Routinely trim your fingernails.
  • Make your nails white: Soak the nails in warm water with soap and salt water for 10 minutes and make them soft. And then pumice upper layer of nails. Soak nails in a cup of milk for 10 minutes atleast 3 times a week and watch nails grow fast and strong as ever!