Quick Natural Ways to Boost your Memory

We all know that with age we tend to forget many things. Memory loss is a part of aging. At an old age, many people suffer from Alzheimer's disease. But nowadays with hectic work schedule and irregular lifestyle , young people are also tending to forget more and more. How many times we forget our anniversary or birthdays, we keep notes on the desktop or fridge to remember important work, we go to the market and forget where we have parked the car, we forget names, people and so on. These are many common things that we forget. though with age, memory loss become more common, it is necessary that we can do something to slow it down. So we present before you few natural ways to remember more and boost your memory and your brain power.

Avoid or keep a control on soy intake: A latest research in Oxford University has shown that that eating tofu at least once a day increased the risk of memory loss. This is particularly true for those over age 60. So avoid easting soy products.

Eat Less White Bread: Carbohydrate heavy diets like white bread , cake in the long run can affect memory power. This is because carb-heavy diets cause insulin to spike, prompting the release of an enzyme which is required to neutralize the effects. This is the same enzyme that’s used to clear memory-robbing proteins from the brain. So, if the enzyme is working on your insulin levels, it won’t be doing its job for your brain and in the end memory will suffer.

Eat More Fish: According to research report, eating 3 fishmeals each week significantly reduces your risk of stroke, a major cause of memory loss .

Drink Alcohol in Moderation: Drinking too much alcohol all year long have shown that memory will begin to suffer.

Take Green Tea: Green tea has certain properties that reduce the activity of brain chemicals associated with memory loss. Green tea has both long term and immediate effects on memory.

Take A Nap: Watch your memory improve with proper 8-9 hours of sleep. The area of the brain that controls how quickly we access information works more efficiently after a good night’s rest.

Quit Smoking: Smoking increases the risk of memory loss. The good news: If you quit, there’s a good chance you’ll sharpen back up to speed.

Get Your Thyroid Checked: Having thyroid problems also lead to memory loss, especially among women. So get your thyroid checked if you have the slightest tendency to forget things.

Relax More: Always try to relax , inspite of a busy work schedule. Try to lead a stress free life. Though it is easy to say than to to do, get stress under control via meditation, deep breathing or even yoga. This will definitely improve your memory.

Smell The Roses: Lastly, according to a group of German researchers, the scent of roses increased the ability to recall recent events. Spray it your bed sheets and pillow cases so that you get the smell of roses all night long and then boost your memory the next morning.

Brain powered food: Brain powered foods are like protein food, herbs are very important to maintain brain activity by affecting blood circulation. It supplies line of oxygen, nutrient and hormone to the brain