Effective Home Remedies Using Tulsi or Holy Basil

Tulsi, Tulashi or the Holy Basil is the best-known self-care herb in existence and a common household name to millions of Indian & Hindus. Having a lot of significance for mankind because of manifold medicinal benefits the plant provides. For many hindu families, this plant is also worshipped and considered as a sign of luck and good well being if planted in the house. With increasing demand for herbal remedies, tulsi has become an effective ingredients in the preparation of many ayurvedic medicines. The extracts obtained from the plant are extensively used for curing various diseases like common cold, malaria, heart disease, headaches, inflammation, stomach disorders, kidney stones, heart disorders, and many more. The Indian basil also aids in the purification of atmosphere. We present below some easy way to get rid of certain ailments using tulsi :

For cough: One of the easiest home remedies for a cough is Tulsi. For any kind of cough, drink drink Tulsi tea. Add 5-10 tulsi leaves to hot water and let it boiled for couple of minutes. Then drink it number of times a day.
For malaria fever: Mix 5-7 leaves with powdered black pepper and eat the mixture.
For pains in joints: Mix 10 grams of Tulasi juice with 10 grams of Ginger juice and drink it.
For vomitting relief: Tulasi seed mixed with Curd or Honey stops vomiting in children.
For fever:It is every effective in bringing down the high temperature.Extract of tulasi leaves in fresh water should be given every 2 to 3 hours.
For gastric troubles: Take black tulasi juice mixed with powdered black pepper mixed with oil for gastric problems.
For asthma: Mix black tulasi with and take regularly. This helps in reducing asthmatic complaints.
For worm: 25 grams of tulasi juice with 2 grams of black salt. Take it for 4 days. This destroys worms.
For Eczema: Mix black tulasi juice with vinegar and with butter is beneficial for conditions.
For ear ache: Tulasi leaves heated in water used as drugs cures ear ache.
For indigestion: It is said that if you mix black tulsi leaves with almonds and 4 powdered cardamoms and take it , it is good for indigestion.
For a fainting person: Rub black Tulasi Juice (few drops) on the hands and feet of a person who has fainted.
For heart burn: Chewing basil leaves every morning will prevent heart burn completely.
For kidney stones: Consuming basil leaves is known to get rid of kidney stones.