9 Cleaning Tips to Prevent from Cold & Infection

Cold and infections are common problems faced by all, especially children, during seasonal changes. The atmosphere around us play a major role for seasonal infections. Hence it is better to opt for easy cleaning ways to keep yourself and your family away from cold and infection.  
Cleaning Tips to Prevent from Cold
9 Cleaning Tips to Prevent from Cold & Infection

Dry Clean Blankets and Pillows
There is no doubt about the fact that winter is the best time to laze around with the family on the couch, snacking and watching movies. Cold winter days mean lots of family togetherness , with cuddling and cozying around, sharing blankets, pillows and cushions. But while family togetherness is good, sharing blankets and pillows lead to many infections. Sp remember to clean that cozy spot. Wash shared blankets twice a month. Wash pillowcases at least biweekly, specially in warm water. Use vacuum cleaner to clean you sofa or couch 2-3 times in a month. This will keep dust and mites at bay.

Disinfect your Cell Phone
Have you ever thought about the fact that your cell phone which you use almost the entire day cab is much more dirtier than a toilet seat or the soles of your shoes? Why? Well, germs love the heat generated by your cell phone and multiply when combined with the moisture from your breath. So what do you have to do prevent from infection? Wipe your phone with an antibacterial wipe. A antibacterial wipe containing alcohol and benzethonium chloride is very effective and it is easily available in the market. Or else wipe it with any disinfectant and they wipe it with a dry cloth. This should be done on a regular basis. In the same manner wipe down your TV remote too.
Disinfect your cellphone
Clean the Computer Keyboard
The keyboard of your family's computer is another popular germ spot. How to clean your keyboard?  First, power down the computer and unplug the keyboard. Then gently smack the keyboard's back (this will loosen up dirt, crumbs and other debris that have fallen between the keys). Put a bin underneath while doing this. Use a blow-dryer on cool to gently blow away remaining debris from the keyboard. Then grab an antibacterial wipe that is damp and wipe down computer's surfaces to kill germs.
clean the computer

Wash those Plastic Toys
It is also very essential that your child's toys like trucks, dolls, cars and blocks be cleaned weekly to prevent the spread of germs. Fill the kitchen sink or a small tub with two parts hot water and one part white vinegar. Let the toys soak for 15 minutes. Then, rinse with hot water and towel dry. If you notice that rubber toys are filled with trapped water, it's time to toss them, because they're also likely filled with mold.
Wash Plastic Toys

Keep a Stock of Disinfectant Wipes 
Disinfectant wipes are your best friend for any cleaning purpose for any seasons. Keep containers of disinfectant wipes around the house, so that whenever you feel like you can use it like when you are chatting on the phone, just grab and wipe .You can wipe regularly doorknobs, the refrigerator handle, light switches and toilet flushers as they are highly trafficked. There are wipes, like those from Seventh Generation, that are effective against the influenza A virus.
Disinfectant Wipes
Steam Clean the Floors 
The floor of your house whether in your entryway or bathroom or any other room is likely crawling with germs because it is highly trafficked. Surfaces like tile floors, hardwood floors are breeding grounds for infections, particularly in the winter. So what do you do? The best way to prevent cold and infection is to steam clean the floor. Use warm water mixed with a disinfectent while wiping the floor.  When steam is forced onto a surface, the very small vapor molecules penetrate pores in the surface. The vapor molecules quickly expand to force out and kill bacteria. Steam is effective to eliminate 99 percent of germs and bacteria.

Scrub Sippy Cups 
Germs grow and move quickly, especially on items that are in regular contact with your child's hot mouth like as the sippy cups with straws, pacifiers, bottles etc. These need to be disassembled and sanitized after each use to prevent the spread of germs. Rinse them with hot water in the sink immediately after use, then wash in the dishwasher using the high-heat cycle and allow items to air dry. 
Scrub Sippy Cups
Clean Heat and AC Vents
Vents that cool and heat the home need extra cleaning during cold and flu season. The debris inside may look like plain old dust, but actually it is filled with things like pet hair, allergens and germs. These are then spread into the room when the heat is functioning. The solution is to remove vent covers and vacuum inside ducts with a HEPA filter.

Launder Shared Bathroom Towels 
The pretty hand towel in the bathroom or near the hand wash basin remains there for days at a time. But it should be washed in the hot cycle daily to prevent colds. Or else you can use paper towels or bathroom napkins for hand washing.
Laundered towels