Allergy Cough Home Remedies, Cough from Allergy: Natural Remedies, Home Treatment for Allergy Cough

Seasonal allergies are very common during fall and spring. One common seasonal allergy problem faced by many is the allergy cough, which is characterised by itchy throat and dry cough. Allergic cough can be caused due to many reasons. Most common of it are sudden change of weather from hot to cold or visa versa. Allergic cough is not very serious health issue, but it can lead to disturbed sleep, sore throat and also difficulty in breathing. Though there are many OTC and antihistamine medicines available, it takes time to cure cough problems immediately and people often resort to natural remedies to find relief for their allergy symptoms.
Allergy cough and Natural Treatment
Cough from Allergy: Natural Remedies
Check out these easy, tried and tested home remedies for allergy cough. It is to be noted that cough due to cold and fever is different from allergy cough and hence the treatment also differs, though there might be some common home remedies for both.
  • Drink lots of warm water: By consuming enough fluid in the form of warm water or fruit juices you can eliminate the dryness in the throat. This reduce the allergic cough to a great extent. Take small sips of fluid every time you feel a cough attack coming on.
  • Clove: To soothe a cough, suck a whole clove without chewing it.
  • Pepper corns: To relieve fits of coughing due to dryness in the throat, suck a few pepper corns.
  • Honey and ginger juice: Take half spoon of ginger juice, few crushed black pepper mix with one spoon of honey. Have this twice day. This has worked wonders.
  • Milk and garlic: Boil milk. Add smashed garlic in it and boil for some time. Add honey. And drink this once or twice a day.
  • Castor oil: Castor oil is also an important remedy in allergic cough. 5-6 drops of castor oil is mixed with any fruit juice and taken.
  • Lemon and honey: Take a little bit of lemon juice and mix it with twice as much honey. Drink this mixture every time you feel like coughing. This is natural cough syrup.
  • Licorice and peppermint and German Chamomile: Mix licorice with peppermint and german chamomile in the form of a tea. It soothes an itchy allergenic cough.
  • Almonds: Make a paste of almonds and add to it sugar and butter in equal amount. Take this twice a day till symptoms subside.
  • Raisins: Raisins are also helpful in treating allergic cough. Ground few raisin and make a paste with water and heat it. Thick gravy like preparation is ready. Have this twice to thrice daily in acute condition and once daily at night in chronic condition.
Other Remedies
  • Keep your self healthy by daily early morning walk and light exercise so as to increase your immune system.
  • Moisturize the air you breathe. Take a hot shower and breathe in the air from the steam. 
  • You can keep the air moist in your bedroom by using a vaporizer or humidifier. This will help loosen the mucous and ease your allergy cough.
  • Prevent constant coughing by sucking on hard candy.