Home Made Hair Oil

Your hair is the crown of your beauty. A beautiful long hair style over a showy dress elegantly completes your look. Your hair plays a vital role in your looks. It gives your your dress the desired look, gives your face the desired shape, and it enhances your beauty too. Thus, it is very important to take good care of your hair. Being sensitive to pollution, heat, wind, it is very essential to take good care of hair. The only way of curing your hair is to oil it well regularly. There are lots of hair oil available in the market. But you can also make oil at home. Infact home made oil is the best.

Here are ways to make home made Hair Oil
  • In half Liter of coconut oil, put 10 Hibiscus flowers. Keep this in the sun for few days till the flowers have shrunk completely. Now heat the oil in a pan. Cool it and store it in an air tight bottle. use it to oil your hair every alternate day. This oil brings back your lost hair colour and increases the volume of your hair.
  • Take a bowl of water (normal temperature). Take few jasmine flowers, around 100. Soak around 100 fresh Jasmine flowers for two nights. Cover it with a cover. After two days, you will notice a kind of oily substance floating on the water. Take away the flowers and apply the oily substance every night. This works just like hair aroma therapy. The oil gets back the shine of your hair and the scent relieves you of head ache.
  • Soak 10 Amlas, in half a Liter of coconut oil overnight. Boil it and cool it off. Apply this oil thrice a week. Amla is a very good cleanser. It brings back the colour of your hair. It enhances the quality of your hair too.
  • Take hibiscus flower, few mehendi leaves, curry leaves, neem leaves, poppy seeds[soaked in water], and fenugreek seeds. Leave all the ingredients to dry in room temperature. Grind it. Now take it and soak it in coconut oil. You can also add sesame oil in it. Apply this oil. This oil, besides making your hair healthier, also protects your hair from pollution and also lice.
  • Soak amla and reetha overnight, bring it to a boil. Crush the ingredients and use the paste to wash your hair. This makes your hair silky and clean.

These oils should be applied in the night. Allow your hair to be treated overnight. Wash your hair thoroughly the next morning.