Watermelon Health Benefits

Water melons are considered to one of the best fruit to beat the heat during summers. The fruit and its refreshing juice make one feel fresh, cool as well energetic , even if the mercury outside is touching forties. Besides being the most refreshing and thirst quenching fruits of all, watermelon is the storehouse of minerals and vitamins. This sweet red fruit is rich in water content and its juice is considered as an energizing drink during hot summer. About 93% of the fruit content is water and helps to overcome dehydration state. This high nutrient density fruit is a favorite of many for meals and snacks. You cam also check Top 5 Nourishing, Refreshing, Healthy Facts of Watermelon

Some benefits of watermelon are as follows:

  • It acts as an appetizer when it is combined with other vegetables and fruits.
  • It has high Lycopene content compared to other fresh fruits and vegetables. Lycopene is a red pigment that occurs in certain plants and tissues. This helps in trapping cancer-promoting agents called free oxygen radicals. Free radicals oxidize cholesterol and stick them to the walls, thereby increasing chances of heartattacks and strokes. Thus watermelon control these free radicals and prevent the onset of fatal diseases. It also helps to prevent diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis,colon cancer, and arthritis.
  • Watermelon is practically a multi-vitamin fruit. It is the in-house of many vitamins and minerals. With a 2-cup serving of watermelon containing excellent levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, this fruit contains a number of nutrients that are important to good health.
  • Vitamin A found in watermelon is good for optimal eye health. It helps in preventing night-blindness, and boosts immunity by increasing the infection-fighting actions of white blood cells called lymphocytes.
  • Vitamin B6 found in watermelon is used by the body to produce brain chemicals , like melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine, which research studies show may help the body deal with anxiety and panic.
  • Vitamin C in watermelon can help to boost the immune system, protect against infections and viruses and can also protect a body from harmful free radicals that can increase aging.
  • Watermelons are also rich in fiber, calcium, protein, folic acid, magnesium and potassium. Folic acid plays a vital role in the growth of tissues and formation of hemoglobin in our body . Magnesium serves to maintain cells in our muscles and nerves. Potassium helps to regulate fluids and mineral balance and maintaining normal blood pressure. They also have zero cholesterol and are very low in sodium content.
  • Beta-carotene found in watermelons helps in providing clear vision, bone growth and healthy reproduction.
  • Watermelons are very nutritious. The best part is that they are low in calories and hence can be consumed without the tension of gaining weight. With all goodness and full of nutrients, water melon consumption is a must, especially during the summers to beat the heat and protect oneself from dehydration and sun-stroke.