Quick Tips to get Rid of Pre Menstrual Blues

Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD is defied as a condition which is marked by severe depression symptoms, irritability, and tension before menstruation. The regular symptoms evident during this period are mood swings, bloated sensations, pain, anxiety, irritability and food craving.Instead of feeling low and depressed, there are various ways in which you can deal with this problem. But if you feel excessive mental and physical distress, then it requires medical attention immediately, as you may be suffering from Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).
Gynecologist, Dr Praveena Shenoi, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, has put forward certain remedies to deal with this condition.

Why do you have this problem?
This severe premenstrual condition blues start two weeks before the menstrual cycle and lasts till the onset of it. Mostly experienced by overworked women in the age group of late 30s and early 40s, it occurs due to sedentary lifestyles youngsters lead today. According to her, young ladies nowadays hardly find any time to exercise, eat properly and relax. This leads to extreme hormonal balances and hence PMDD.

What are the signs>
PMDD is recognized by depression, anxiety, irritability, lack of concentration, suicidal tendencies (in severe cases) along with insomnia or hyper insomnia, food cravings and need for emotional closeness. Physical symptoms such as headaches, breast swelling, bloating of the body and joint pains are also associated with this disorder.

How to treat it?
Dr. Shenoi feels that most of the mild PMDD cases can be solved with a change in lifestyle. Ceratin things need to be followed regularly. This includes exercise and yoga as a part of your daily routine. Eat lots of fesh fruits and vegetables. Eat correctly. Drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juices. Avoid refined fats and sugar. PMDD could also occur due to calcium deficiency in the body. So it is advisable to eat calcium rich food. This can be taken as a supplement along with vitamin B6.