Simple Ways to Repair a Broken Lipstick : How to Fix a Broken Lipstick?

It so happens in many cases that the lipsticks that women use break if not used carefully or accidentally. What do you do in such cases? Do you throw away your favourite shade or just keep it with your cosmetics kit without using it? Well, some of you might still try to use the left over portion with a lip brush. Not to worry. If you are really in love with the colour shade and you really don't want your broken lipstick to part away from you, then please follow these simple rules to repair your broken lipstick. 

Broken Lipstick

Step 1: Take off the broken part of your lipstick. 
Step 2: Melt the broken part of the lipstick using a matchstick or a candle or lighter. You don't need to burn the lipstick but carefully melt it, the look of which will be somewhat like the one shown in the figures below:
Melt the Lipstic with a Matchstick
The look of the Melted Lipstick

Step 3:  Now place the melted broken piece over the melted lipstick portion. Press it gently. Pressing too hard may spoil the entire container.

Broken piece with the melted lipstick

Step 4:  Shape your lipstick with tooth pick and repair the joint. Do it carefully and very tenderly as the lip colour is not yet fixed properly and may fall off again. 

Step 6 : Keep the lipstick in the fridge to cool it down. This will let the broken piece set with the melted portion completely. This will take atleast an hour. 

Step 7: Finally, your broken lipstick is fixed. Once done, clean the lipstick container with a tissue paper.
The Repaired Broken Lipstick

Step 8: Now, do you want me to tell you the final step? Well, re-use your lipstick. Infact you won't ever fill that this was your old, broken lipstick.

Now please don't break your lipsticks to do this easy simple trick.