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Allergies can be treating effectively using various natural methods. However, before opting for natural home remedies for allergy treatment, it is better to know what caused the allergy reaction. According to doctors, there are three main categories of allergic reactions:
External irritants: Allergic symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, rashes, running nose, soreness, inflammation of the eyes, nose, throat and mouth, irritation are caused by external objects like smoke, feathers, animal hair, dust, pollen, plants, mould, ingredients in perfumes, cosmetics, cleansing products, air fresheners, and other pollutants in the air.
Ingested substance: Allergy is caused by consuming certain foods or due to some ingredients in edible items or antibiotics . The allergy may not occur instantly and can show after some time in the form of flatulence, heartburn, diarrhoea, sweating, skin irritation, giddiness, headache or sore mouth and throat. 
Emotional triggers: The last type of allergy is due to emotional upheavals, stress, tension, nervousness, worries, anxieties.
The golden rule of treating an allergic reaction is to avoid those objects/items in terms of both consuming and coming in contact with, which have caused the allergy. In emergency situations, when you really face itching or allergy reaction, you can opt for some natural remedies.

Natural Remedies for Allergy
  • Add plenty of garlic in your diet. Eat raw or used it while preparing your food. Garlic gives relief from allergies of any kind. For instant relief, you can also fry two to three garlic cloves in butter and eat it.
  • Drink a glass of warm lime water mixed with honey every morning for about a month for getting complete relief from allergies.
  • Ginger is also very helpful in treating the allergies. Add few pieces of ginger into one glass of warm water and add honey into this. Drink this mixture and also eat the ginger pieces for speedy relief form allergies.
  • Add castor oil  to one cup of water and drink it on an empty stomach. You can also add a few drops of castor oil  in any fruit juice or vegetable juice. This is also very effective in preventing the allergy.

Home Remedies for Immediate Relief
  • Mint juice: Take the fresh juice of mint leaves and apply it directly on the itching areas.
  • Buttermilk : It is said applying buttermilk compress on skin allergies controls and heals the irritation.
  • Bengal gram: This is an age old remedy. Wash the affected area, using Bengal gram flour. This is  very beneficial in cases of eczema, contact dermatitis and scabies.
  • Holy basil: Applying basil juice is also good for treating skin allergies.
  • Cucumber-carrot-lettuce juice:  Fresh cucumber, carrot and lettuce juice is considered to be an effective remedy for allergic reactions on skin. You may apply it externally and even consume it.
  • Margosa/neem leaves: Boil few neem leaves and use the water to have a bath. This is very comforting to the skin and heal skin allergies.
  • Walnut tea: Many Herbalists sometimes advise walnut tea for treating skin allergies. Soak walnut and its leaves for ten minutes. Strain and drink the liquid.

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