Home Remedies for Epilepsy, Epilepsy Tretment Using Herbal Remedies

Epilepsy is a problem seen in many, caused by sudden generation of electric waves in the brain, and seen as convulsions and fits. The tendency of the human brain to have these seizures repeatedly and frequently is known as Epilepsy. The seizures can lead to the loss of consciousness that can last for several minutes. Epilepsy can cause a head injury or brain growth defects. Though various prescription drugs are available for the treatment of this problem you can also opt for some essential natural home and herbal remedies. Such remedies can help in preventing the occurance of seizures. 

Garlic: Take 4 to 5 cloves of garlic and partially heat them in half a cup of water and milk. Take this dose one time a day. This home remedy is helpful in minimizing the symptoms of Epilepsy disorder.

Brahmi Leaves: Chew few leaves of Brahmi herb and then drink a glass of water. It is helpful in controlling seizures. Brahmi herb is also useful in reducing stress which is supposed to be one of the main causes of epilepsy disorder. It can be taken in the tea form. Take a cup of tea prepared from Brahmi leaves three times a day and you will observe the improvement.

Cow's Butter: It is an effective home remedy that is helpful in the treatment of epilepsy

Ashgourd Juice: It is helpful in the treatment of Epilepsy. Take a glass of this juice two times a day and you will notice the improvements in a quick span of time.

Basil Juice or Tulsi Juice: Daily massage your body with Tulsi leaves extract. It is helpful in prevention and treatment of Epilepsy, and is also considered as the best herbal remedy for the treatment of Epilepsy disorder. Also you can keep Tulsi flowers in the fold of your hanky. You can smell these flowers deeply at the time of an attack. It will save you from getting unconscious by reducing the Epilepsy attack.

Vegetable Juice: The patient should take more of vegetables containing vitamin B6 carrot, peanuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables and rice. Carrot juice is beneficial in the treatment of Epilepsy. Other vegetables like Cucumber and Beet Juice is also helpful. You can also have miixed vegetable juice. Such vegetables or vegetable juice help the brain to perform some critical tasks. Thus it is helpful in the prevention and treatment of Epilepsy. The suggested dose of this vitamin in a day is 150 to 200 mg which can be taken individually or with other forms of vitamin B.

Grapes Juice: Grapes juice is considered as the best treatment for Epilepsy. If you take 500 ml of grapes juice three times a day then it will provide a quick relief from the disorder.

Meditation and Yoga: Yoga and meditation are advised to the epilepsy patients to deal with stress which is considered to be the main cause of Epilepsy.

Life Style Change: Try to avoid Cigarette smoking as it can cause defects in the neurons. Drinking alcohol can also cause seizures. Eat a balance healthy diet.

First Aid Treatment
Tulsi Leaves: If some one looses his consciousness because of Epilepsy attack then take some leaves of Tulsi and crush them. Now add some salt into it and then pour this juice in the nostrils of the sufferer he will soon regain his consciousness.
  • Cushion the person's head.
  • Loosen tight neckwear to ease breathing.
  • Turn the person onto his/her side. Saliva is retained in the mouth during a seizure because the person cannot swallow it. This may lead to choking. Turning the patient on his/her side allows gravity to drain the saliva or any other fluids such as vomit.
  • Keep the person's airway open. If necessary, grip the person's jaw gently and tilt his or her head back.
  • Do not insert any object in the person's mouth.
  • Do not hold down.
  • Remove any sharp or solid objects that the person might hit during the seizure.