Natural Hair Care Tips for Shiny Black Hair, Black Hair Care Tips

It is a trend today to go for colored hair by using the artificial hair colors of different brands like Loreal, Revlon, Garnier etc. However, there is still a very high demand for shiny black hair. Girls young and old, still opt for the lovely, long black tresses. To have shiny black hair is a challenge today as hair loses its color on account of weather conditions, lack of maintenance plus the chemical used in various hair color products etc. One of the best option to have shiny, black hair is to regularly apply hair oil on your scalp and hair and the best hair oil in the homemade, natural hair oil. We give below some natural hair care tips, hair oils, to retain the color of your hair.
Black Hair Naturally

Making Your Hair Color Shiny Black Naturally

Mustard Oil
Using mustard oil is an effective way for maintenance of black hair. Take some mustard oil. Heat it for a while and when it cools down, rub it into your scalp first and then spread it to the entire hair. Tie your hair in a knot on your head and let the hair absorb the oil. After about an hour or so, wash your hair with Sheekakai or shampoo. You can follow this process twice or thrice a week whenever you intend to shampoo your hair.

If you want you can add a few pepper corn in the heated mustard oil. This helps in reducing the possibility of catching a cold, owing to exposure of hair to the oil for a longer duration. Infact if you have any problems like migraine, asthma, common cold etc., then do not allow the oil to be absorbed for a longer time. This is the most simple natural hair care tip for shiny black hair. It also helps to cool the body.

Curry Leaves Oil
Another natural oil that can be used for taking care of black hair is curry leaves or sweet neem leaves oil. For this, heat some mustard oil or coconut oil in a pan and then add few curry leaves to it. Let it heat on a slow flame for some time. Remove it from the stove when the leaves turn black. Allow it to cool. Strain the oil and store it in close tight bottle. While the coconut oil can be used for daily use, the mustard oil preferably should be used before shampooing your hair. Apply a little when using it regularly as the odour is strong. Keep for few minutes before washing your hair. With regular use, it renders blackness to the hair and promotes hair growth.

Eclipta Alba Oil

This is known as False Daisy oil or Karisalankanni in Tamil. Take coconut oil or mustard oil and add a good number of Eclipta Alba or False Daisy leaves. Heat it on slow flame. When the leaves turn black, remove the oil, allow it to cool and strain it. Use this for hair massage regulalrly. This oil renders deep blackness to the hair. Further more with regular use it delays greying.