The Many Health Benefits of Dried Plums

Prunes are dried plums. This particular fruit besides is known for their sweet, chewy flavor and nutritional content. Prunes are used to make various types of desserts, tarts and other sweet dishes. Besides being used in cooking, it is also recommended for health benefts. According to various health studies, dried plums or prunes are well on their way to acquiring the status of super-food, for two reasons:
First–dried plums boost your energy level, providing immediate gratification.
Second–dried plums help increase your longevity by taking care of a surprising number of health conditions. Prunes contain a variety of phytochemicals which help in the prevention of certain types of cancers, heart disease, and other conditions of aging. The regular intake of the prunes is essential for the maintenance of a number of body systems, like the cardio-vascular system, respiratory system etc. The fruit can not only be eaten raw, but can also be used in preparing certain desserts and sweet dishes.

Read on to know more about the health benefits of eating prunes.

  • Eating dried plums for meals and snacks are a great way to enhance and maintain energy levels throughout the day.
  • Prunes are high in vitamin A and beta-carotene (a natural antioxidant). These two vitamins play a key role in maintaining healthy eye-sight and are also used to fight acne, resulting in a smooth radiant skin.
  • Prunes produce a sense of fullness in the stomach thereby helps in weight loss.
  • The insoluble dietary fiber in prunes contributes to the growth of certain useful bacteria in the intestine. Hence, it is a natural probiotic.
  • The soluble dietary fiber of the fruit promotes the maintenance of a healthy colon and is useful in certain conditions, like hemorrhoids, constipation, diverticular disorders and so on.
  • Prunes are high source of iron and helps in the process of respiration.
  • Prunes have the unique combination of low sodium levels and high potassium levels which is essential to maintain normal blood pressure level.
  • Another mineral that prunes are rich in is magnesium. The basic functions of this mineral are promoting relaxation (nerves, muscles, and blood vessels), relieving muscle soreness, reducing symptoms of asthma and even migraine headaches.
  • Regular and proper intake of the fruit lowers the occurrence of inflammatory conditions like RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).
Strictly avoid taking prunes in case of untreated or existing kidney and gall bladder problems. The fruit contains certain amount of oxalates, which when too concentrated in body fluids can become crystallizes and cause health problems. Studies have indicated that oxalates interfere with the absorption of calcium from the body.