Tips to Keep Flowers Fresh, DIY Flower Arrangements, Tips for Keeping Flowers Fresh This Valentine

Valentines Day is approaching. This is the time to show that you care, you love your partner. One of the most purest form of gift that you can shower on your beloved is flowers. Fresh flowers have always been the most popular gift on a Valentines Day. Even if not as a gift, you can simply make your own Do-it-yourself (DIY) flower arrangements at your home to surprise your partner.Well, roses have been all time favorite for many years. Don't you think you can go for some other varieties of flowers this year. Given below are some expert tips by flower experts on how you can keep flowers fresh, how to choose the fresh flowers and how you can make your own flower arrangements:

DIY Flower Arrangements

Opt for a more unique and beautiful flower arrangement to show your sweetheart you care on this valentine:

Shop the Foliage
When you buy flowers, check out the leaves first, which are a good indicator of the condition of a flower. Bright green, perky leaves represent a fresh bloom. If the leaves are yellow or falling off the stem, then these are not fresh flowers. One of the things you'll see in very cheap flowers is that they'll have their foliage stripped or wrapped in paper so that you can't see it" say, flower expert Eileen Johnson of Flower School New York.

Go for Local Flowers
For incredible fresh flowers at discounted prices, try going local. Flowers that don't have to travel tend to be fresher and last longer. Particularly during the winter, you should use local blooms if you can find them. Inclement weather can result in the delay of flower shipments. This means that by the time they reach your local flower provider, the blossoms may have become pale.

Say 'no' to the rose
Sure, roses are traditional andbeautiful, but during this time, they also tend to be of poor quality and overpriced. You may not get the best flowers. Instead, go for  flowers that tend to be in season, such as tulips or anenomes. If you can't stand the idea of a Valentine's Day sans fresh roses, look for roses with firm, hydrated heads.

Get budget flower at wholesaler florist
If you're looking to save on flowers, buy the bulk of your flowers at, say a wholesale retailer. Then, head to your local florist to pick out just a couple of unique stems to complete the arrangment.

Keep it simple
If creating your own flower arrangement seems tough, flower experts suggest following one basic rule: Keep all your flowers within the same color palette. "If you keep flowers in the same color palette, you can use five different kinds of flowers, but the arrangement will still have a kind of unity about it," says Johnson. 

Careful caring
There are many tips and tricks to getting flowers to stay fresher longer. But then while these work, it is always better to take the advise of your retailer how they cared for the blooms and to keep the care consistant. You should also be sure to add food (if it's included with your bouquet) to your water. Another useful tip is to keep vases away from extreme temperatures. A cool, but not freezing cold room is the perfect place to keep your blooms happy and healthy.

Clean Water
The real key to keeping flowers fresh longer? Simply changing the water frequently. Use a very clean vase  and room temperature water to provide the best conditions for most flowers. Change the water at least every other day. If you're worried about disturbing the flower arrnangement, simply hold the vase under the faucet and let the water flush out. 

Opt for a large collection 
Perhaps the easiest way to create an arrangement with impact is to present flowers in a lrage collection or cluster. Any simple flower looks beautiful this way. The key to this type of arrangement is to use a lot of stems. 

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