Monsoon Diseases and Precautions, Monsoon Diseases: Prevention and Cure

First showers of monsoon are welcomed by everyone with great enthusiasm after experiencing the scorching heat of summer. But monsoons reduce the immunity of our body and  make us susceptible to many diseases. There are many diseases that people experience in this season. It is very essential to keep our body resistant against diseases by boosting our immunity and taking precautions against these diseases in Monsoon.
Prevention During Monsoons

Check out here  Monsoon Diseases: Prevention and Cure, Ayurvedic Tips During Monsoon, Skin Care in Monsoons

Diseases in Monsoon
Common diseases are cough, cold, flu, jaundice, typhoid, malaria, dengue, water infection, poor digestion, and dysentery. There are also skin related problems such as prickly heat, abscess, and eczema

Prevention and Cure During Monsoons
Drink Lots of Water 
  • Most of the diseases that occur during monsoon is due to water pollution. That is why, the first preventive measure that should be taken is not to drink outside water. Always boil and filter your water before drinking. Also do not put ice cubes in your water. If at all you require ice cubes, make sure that you use boiled water to make the cubes. But then drink plenty of water as this will help you drain toxins from your body.
  • Wash your hands at regular intervals with soap or sanitizer especially before handling food, after eating food and after visiting the toilet. Maintain good personal hygiene. 
  • Apply a strong insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away and prevent getting bitten. 
  • Drain all standing water and empty water from outdoor items such as old tires, cans and flower pot bases.
  • If you are a patient with asthma or diabetes, avoid staying anywhere near damp walls. It promotes the growth of fungus and can be harmful. Diabetic patients need to take extra care of their feet during the monsoon season. They should not to walk barefoot since the soil on which they walk is a reservoir of all types of germs.
  • Keeping yourself and your immediate surroundings clean.
  • Try to eat nutritious food and avoid eating out during rainy season.
  • One should wear cotton clothes and loose clothes and use talcum powder that are anti-fungal in areas more prone to fungal infections.
  • Keep yourself fit by doing regular exercises.

Wash your hands
Drain all standing water

Ayurvedic Tips During Monsoon
Monsoon season leads to low digestive power and decrease immunity. Hence the diet you take regularly play a vital role in enhancing your immunity and strengthen your digestions. Following ayurvedic tips are helpful:   
  • Garlic, pepper, ginger, asafoetida (hing), jeera powder, turmeric and coriander help enhance digestion and improve immunity. So try to incorporate these in your diet.
  • Have light foods prepared out of old barley, rice and wheat.
  • Eat warm food
  • For cough, a pinch each of long pepper powder and rock salt mixed in warm water is helpful.
  • Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a tea spoon of honey in empty stomach.

Skin Care During Monsoon

  • Major issue during rainy season is the fungal infection. So keep your body clean and dry and never keep your skin and body wet for long time. Lukewarm water for bath, antifungal soap, cream and talc are effective.
  • If your skin is getting dry and it makes you irritated feeling, then just moisturize it. Apply rose water, glycerin, honey, almond or moisturizer before sleep.
  • Use sun screen while going out.
  • Scrub gently sometimes to exfoliate the dead skin and let the skin get suppler.