Pink Eye Home Remedy, Pink Eye Natural Remedy, Pink Eye Conjunctivitis, Pink Eye Symptoms

Pink eye is a common eye problem faced by many. Medically referred as conjunctivitis, it is a condition in which the whites of the eye become irritated and inflamed. It is characterized by the redness in the eyeball and the eyelids. The result is painful and itchy eyes. Pink eye problem has no age limit. That is an adult or a young person or even a child or baby can contract pink eye. In most cases pink eye is caused by viral infections, bacterial infections and allergies. 

Pink Eye Symptoms
  • Redness of the white of the eye
  • Uncomfortable sensation in the eye
  • Swelling and itching of the eyelids
  • Thick or clear or yellowish discharge 

Pink Eye Home Remedies

There are natural home treatments for pink eye. Because there is no real guarantee that specific prescription medications will work, home remedies for pink eye have become very popular. Home remedies for pink eye have been around for centuries and they have been tried and tested by our grandparents and great grandparents. Let us check the home remedied for pink below:

  • Boiled Water and salt: It is advisable that the salt and water solution be first applied once the first symptoms of the disease occur. Boil water in a pan and set aside to be luke warm. After this, add considerable amount of salt then stir. Next, take some cotton balls and let them sunk deep into the liquid in order to get as much salt as they may absorb. Take out one of the wet cotton balls. Close your eyes and place the salted cotton balls on top of your infected eye for about 5 minutes. The salted water will get inside your eyes. This home remedy for pink eye is known to be one of the simplest yet among the most effective.
  • Honey: There are many who have used honey to treat pink eye. Simply put a drop or two of honey on your eye. Honey carries natural antibacterial properties. This helps healing and soothe the pink eye.
  • Raw Potato: A potato is an astringent. Clean a raw potato and slice it. Place the potato slice on your eye for few minutes. It helps promote healing of pink eye.
  • Boric Acid: This is an effective eye wash. Mix some boric acid in cold water and wash your eyes with it. It cleans the eyes, relieve symptoms and discomfort associated with pink eye. You can use this solution as a warm compress by applying it directly to the eye to relieve discomfort and promote healing.
  • Triphala Powder: This is a well known ayurvedic remedy. Soak triphala powder overnight. In the morning, strain through a clean cloth. Use this solution both for drinking and as eyewash. It is beneficial in most eye problems.
  • Rose Water: Rose water is also an effective solution. Put rose water (gulab jal) drops on the affected eyes. You can also mix powdered alum (fitkari) into rose water  and carefully filter it through a muslin cloth. Put 2 or 3 drops of this mixture into the eyes.
  • Chamomile tea bags: They are also very helpful in conjunctivitis or pink eye. Take moist chamomile tea bags and place over the closed eyes for few minutes to get faster relief.
  • Bilva (bael) leaves: They are popular home remedies for pink eye. Extract fresh juice from the bilva leaves. Strain through a muslin cloth. Use this as eye drops. Or else you can make a paste out of pounded leaves and apply to the eyelids.

Other Essential Remedies
  • One should always follow a strict diet when trying to treat pink eye. Have enough of Vitamins A and B2 food like yogurt, carrots, whole milk, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, papaya, almonds, citrus fruits and bananas. Avoid starchy and sugary foods and caffeine. 
  • Don't strain your eyes. Don't watch TV or read.
  • Avoid sunlight.
  • Wear dark glasses to prevent infection to others.
  • Do not rub your eyes with hands. Use gauge nearby to rub your eyes.
  • Frequently wash your eyes with cold water.
  • Rest the eyes by closing them. This will relieve pain and strain.