Quick Tips in Fabric Stain Removal, Fabric Stain Removal, How to Remove Fabric Stains?

Stains in fabric are due to many things like coffee, blood, fruits and their juices, grease, rust, ink, oil, sauces, sweat etc. Here is a list of few satin removal tips. For most stains, keep in handy: alcohol, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. Mix together the ingredients. Shake well and pour a small amount on the stain.Let it remain on the garment for a while. Dry it with a washcloth. Rub the stain away and wash normally.

Stain removal is easy. A few simple steps can easily be followed at home to make your garment or any fabric stain free. Just remember the three most important rules of stain removal:
  • act immediately
  • blot — don't rub, and
  • never apply heat until the stain is removed.

Removing rust stain: Whenever you notice a rust stain on clothing, soak the area with lemon juice. Find a nice sunny area in your garden, that is relatively clean snd lay the garment directly in the sun, until it dries completely. When it dries the stain should be gone, and you can rewash the garment in order to remove the lemon juice.

Removing oil stain: Spread fabric/garment on a flat surface with the oil based stain facing up. Sprinkle any type of baby powder or regular over the stain in a large quantity. Let the powder rest on the stain for several hours or even overnight. Brush or shake off the excess powder. You can scrape if the oil/powder residue raises up on the fabric, reapply powder and then let fabric rest again. Wash as usual. If the oil stain is still there, rubbing alcohol might remove the spot.

Removing sweat stains: Use an aspirin tablet. Crush the aspirin pill into 100 ml of warm water and wait for it to dissolve. Soak the stained part into the solution for 2 to 3 hours. Then wash as usual.

Removing blood stains: Use only cold water to dampen the stain. Rub salt into the area. Fold the stain and rub the fabric together. When the blood is nearly gone just wash the garment normally.

Removing food stains: For food stains, quickly grab some soda water and apply it over the stain. You can even use liquid soap if soda water is not available.