Natural home remedies for the treatment of alcoholism, Alcohol Treatment at Home, Natural Ways to Treat Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a condition in which a person has irresistible urge to consume alcohol. When a person consumes more alcohol than his body limits is often termed as alcohol abuse. This behavior soon takes a shape of a painful disease that kills both his physical as well as the mental health. If he continues drinking for long, he will not be able to resist alcohol and will become totally addicted to it. This situation is called as alcoholism. Both alcohol abuse and alcoholism are social vices and should be eliminated only by exercising control and being determined.

Natural home remedies for the treatment of alcoholism

  • Grapes :- The most important home remedy for alcoholism is an exclusive diet, for a month or so, of grapes. Since this fruit contains the purest form of alcohol, it is an ideal yet healthy substitute for alcohol. Alcoholics should take three meals a day of fresh grapes at five-hourly intervals. The success of this treatment depends on the determination of the alcoholic to stop drinking.
  • Apples : Apples are another effective remedy for alcoholism. A generous intake of apples helps remove intoxication. It reduces the craving for wines and other intoxicating liquors. Helps to cure alcoholism.
  • Dates :- Dates are considered beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism. The patient should drink half a glass of water in which four or five dates have been rubbed together. This remedy should be taken twice daily for a month. It will bring definite relief.
  • Bitter Gourd :- The juice of the leaves of bitter gourd is an antidote for alcohol intoxication. It is also useful for a liver damaged due to alcoholism. Three teaspoons of this juice, mixed with a glass of butter milk, should be taken every morning for a month.
  • Salami: Eat a sandwich made out of salami and butter on ciabatta bread, which would absorb a fair amount of alcohol from body.
  • Raw Almonds: These are useful in reducing addiction caused by alcohol.
  • Carrot Juice: When the person has an urge to drink alcohol, then he should consume carrot juice.
  • Fruit Juice Fast: It is advisable for the patient to live only on fruit juice. This may continue for 10-12 days, later his diet should be rich in whole grains, cereals, green vegetables, fruits. All this will lower his carving for alcohol