Remedies in common ailments

For any cuts, bruises, scrapes, apply turmeric powder to the injured portion. This stops the bleeding and heals the wound. If you have vicco turmeric cream at home, you can also apply that.

Place a clove on the aching tooth. This provides relief. You can also apply a mixture of little bit of salt and black pepper powder on the aching tooth to get relief.

Gargle with water mixed with salt and avoid taking food or liquids for a few hours.

Stomach Ache
The instant remedy is to use a hot water bag on your stomach and lay on your stomach. Or you can rub a little asafoetida on the stomach around the navel. Chew on a few ajwain seeds and then drink a hot cup of water.

Hot towel treatment is a good solution. Apply lemon juice in the affected areas and let it remain the whole night. The next day wash with a mild shampoo.Massage your hair for about half an hour before washing with sour curd.