Clean Your Arteries Naturally, Foods and Drinks for Natural Unclogging of Arteries, Home Remedies for Removing Clogging in Arteries

The blood vessels that take oxygenated blood from the heart to different parts of the body are known as arteries. As such the uninterrupted flow of arterial blood is indispensable for your healthy long life. For this your arteries need to be kept always clean, various types of medical cures being there for you, which can keep your arteries unclogged. But most surprisingly, without opting for these complicated medical procedures you can clean your arteries naturally by consuming a couple of easily available naturally grown fruits, vegetables and essential food supplements.

Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease
Atherosclerosis or ASVD or Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease is the medical term that denotes the thickening of the arterial wall or the clogging of the arterial vessels. It is the leading cause for heart diseases and casualties worldwide that are result of the interrupted flow of arterial blood. However, this clogging of arterial vessels can be taken care of only if you can make some necessary and important changes in your daily diet.

Foods and drinks for natural unclogging of arteries

  • Garlic, which is found abundantly in nature, has been proven to be a very useful element in preventing the formation of atheromatous plaques in the arterial vessels. So consume garlic regularly to unclog your arteries naturally.
  • Cold-water fish, which includes tuna, salmon, sardine and mackerel, contain large quantities of fat but are very helpful in the prevention of arterial blockage. You need to eat cold-water fish at least twice a week to avoid atheromatous plaque build-up.
  • Green Tea, which contains catechin, helps you in your cholesterol absorption when you digest your food. Catechin is a very useful natural antioxidant and phenol. Drinking one or two cups of green tea on a daily basis augments prevents the blockage of your arterial vessels.
  • Coffee is also very helpful in lessening your chances of being stricken with heart related diseases by almost 20%. It is not at all harmful but effective in reality for your heart if you can drink 8 to 6 ounces of coffee every day. You have to just take care about the quantity of everything that you consume. Excessive amount of anything when consumed may cause disturbances in your heart rate and blood sugar level.
  • Coconut oil: You will also be surprised to know that all saturated fats are not harmful for your health and also not the main cause for atherosclerosis. This is proven and so, if you can consume 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil on a daily basis, you can lessen plaque build-up within your arteries.

Follow these simple but useful tips to unclog your arteries without surgery and lead a hale and hearty life.