Liver Cleansing Drink, Lemon Juice Olive Oil Drink for Liver, Liver Cleaning Tip

Purify your liver by drinking just one sip of this wonderful drink everyday. It is very essential to keep your liver in good condition as a healthy liver is a sign to a healthy body. With consumption of alcohol, cigarette, fast foods, oily and spicy foods, our liver needs to be detoxified on a regular basis to keep it pure and healthy. A healthy liver leads to vitality, proper digestion, increases your energy, boosts your metabolism, and you will also feel and look great. Liver plays an essential role in blood renewal and can be considered as a blood factory as it helps in eliminating the toxins of our body and cleans the blood. So cleaning the liver is very essential for good health.

Liver Cleansing Drink Recipe

Things Required

  • Lemon Jiuce
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix 1 tablespoon each of lemon juice and olive oil. This is a cleansing elixir, which is best to be taken in the early morning on an empty stomach. Then, you can have your breakfast after half an hour or so. 

This drink is said to improve your digestion, solve problems like constipation and intestinal problems. It will also boost your energy. The dark circles under your eyes get removed. Your skin will look fresh and glow.  Most important of all, it will flush and detox the liver. 

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