5 Natural Foods to Prevent Breast Cancer, Top 5 Super Foods That Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in major strata of women word wide. Over five lakhs female deaths in 2011 were recorded due to breast cancer globally and the numbers have thereafter increased substantially. In the suspected list of what might cause the increasing occurrence of breast cancer, studies have shown a huge part played by toxic consumption in day to day eating habits as the foremost cause. In effort to avert the risks for breast cancer, we have compiled a list of five natural foods to prevent breast cancer which are not only healthy but contain cancer cell destroying properties as well. 

Breast Cancer Prevention


Lycopene, a natural anti-oxidant which is known for its effectiveness in preventing cancer and tumour cells to spread is largely found in tomato pulp. Studies have shown conclusive facts about how tomato inclusive diet can make your body strongly immune to breast cancer and tumours.


We all know that turmeric is an effective anti-oxidant, natural antiseptic and owns inflammation curing properties. But in particular, cur cumin present in turmeric as a compound element plays a great role in destroying cancer cells from breast and other parts of the body.


Zeaxanthin, carotenoids, lutein are three main ingredients present in the compound structure of Spinach which are capable of detoxing the body and removing cells with unstable molecular structure. Spinach should be added to daily diet in form of stew, juice or can be boiled or steamed. 


Ample of flavones and flavonols present in garlic are capable of cleansing your body as well as purifies blood. Garlic is also sulfur rich which helps in eradicating cancer cell growth particularly in breast, lungs, throat and mostly upper part of the body.


As a nutrient rich food, walnuts have a considerable but healthy impact on the cell structure, genes and hormone based changes in the body. Eating handful of walnuts every morning and preferably empty stomach can substantially lower the risk of breast cancer.

Apart from these preventive natural foods to prevent breast cancer, regular check ups, weight control, avoiding toxic food, controlled sugar levels, avoiding alcohol consumption and maintaing an active lifestyle are some preventive practises for breast cancer that one must indulge into in order to keep the risks low. Prevention and early detection of breast cancer are the only two ways to fight over this cancerous and deadly disease.