5 Exemplary Ways of Drinking Water to Lose Weight

Drinking water to lose weight is a tried and tested practise of credence. Studies have shown signs of slower metabolism and deficient oxygen level in blood among people drinking less than adequate water on daily basis. In such cases, it is difficult for weight loss to accelerate and burning of body fat slows down in pace.
Yet, just good quantity of drinking water is not the single key to lose weight. There are certain right ways of drinking water to lose weight along with the subjectively adequate quantity of drinking water in accordance to person’s age, weight, activity levels and climate constraints. Below are some of the most effective methods to imply while drinking water to lose weight.

Drinking Water to Lose Weight
1. Start your day with lukewarm water
Drinking lukewarm water empty stomach increases bowl movements, there by preventing constipation. This benefit in effect increases body’s momentum of burning calories early morning when the metabolism rate is usually recorded low.
2. Drink water all day long
The right way of drinking water to lose weight is not a practice to be followed just once a day but at small intervals through out. Water intake should be done in every 2-3 hours of the day to keep the body hydrated around the clock. It is certainly impossible to drink all the adequate amount of water for the day in one go, doing which might make one feel puckish. This keeps the metabolic cycle active in continuance to induce energy generation by burning calories.
3. When ever hungry, drink water first
Often while body starts dehydrating, the empty feeling is misjudged as hunger while one is actually feeling thirsty. The lack of enough oxygen in the blood stream can cause lethargy. This is also taken as a sign of momentary weakness due to inadequate food intake. Henceforth, one should always drink ample amount of water and then eat. On any usual day, drinking water before eating every meal also facilitates less calorie intake as the stomach gets half filled already. Thereby, weight loss with water intake before meals is ascertain due to minimal calories taken per day.
4. Drinking cold water lifts up metabolism
As validated by experts, body generates energy in excess when induced with cold water to warm the water temperature in sync. This internal process of energy generation put the metabolism rate high right from drinking cold water till half hour after and initiates weight loss.
5. Add lime to drinking water
Lemon contains a particular fibre called pectin which is known for reducing hunger spikes in the body, prevent body from absorbing sugar as well as acts as a detoxing agent. These qualities help in a speeding up the metabolic system. The best way to consume lemon is with water without adding sugar. Lime water is also a great energy rejuvenating remedy, especially for summers. 

Drinking Water Guiding Tips
Although there are numerous reasons for which one must drink ample water everyday and stay dehydrated but its cruciality in the process of losing weight makes it imperative to consume sufficient quantity of water in quality ways, everyday. Keep drinking water the right way to lose weight and stay healthy.

Image source: mzdivaglamm.blogspot.com