Home Remedies for Viral Fever, Viral Fever Home Treatment, Natural Remedies for Viral Infections

Viral fever is a common problem faced by young and old, especially during change of seasons or in cold seasons. When a person suffers from a viral infection fever, it means that his body temperature has gone high, due to the presence of a viral infection. Although viral fevers are highly contagious, they are fairly harmless and do not lead to any major complications. The body temperature shoots up and usually the doctors recommend heavy doses of antibiotics that drain all the energy, making the patient weak and might even stop showing positive effects. There is nothing like treating viral fever at home with some effective natural home remedies.

Symptoms of a viral fever
Viral Fever Symptoms

Home remedies for fever
  • Rest: Rest is the important home remedy for fever. Just let the patient have have plenty of sleep and rest.
  • Plenty of fluids: Fluid intakes should be given at regular intervals. Consume good amount of fluids but not milk. Fruit juices are safe to drink. The citrus fruits cleanse the body and remove toxins. A hot cup of lemon juice with honey strengthens body to fight diseases. A hot cup of milk with pinch of turmeric and pepper can cure throat irritation. Chicken broth or other hot soups are very helpful.
  • Energy Boosters: Hot boiled rice, mashed with milk and sugar is the best meal. The carbohydrate and glucose rich porridge provide energy. This is also easy to gulp. You can also add a pinch of pepper, cumin and coriander concoction with rice and salt. This will bring relief to sore throat and cough. 
  • Herbal Teas: Go for tulsi tea, ginger tea and mint tea. These are refreshing home remedies for fever. 
  • Basil, honey and ginger: Make a concoction by mixing juice of basil leaves (tulsi) ginger juice and honey and have it for treating the symptoms of fever, cough and cold.
  • Gargling: Gargling with salt water is helpful for throat and nose infections.
  • Cold Compress: Apply a cold compress or an ice pack directly to the forehead. This reduces the temperature. Or place a piece of damp cloth on forehead and ask the patient to relax. Repeat the process for the chest and wipe off the hands and feet with the same cold towel or cloth. The evaporation of water from the cloth takes away heat from the body. This is the simplest way to bring down a high temperature.
  • Margosa leaves: Keep some Margosa leaves in the room. Margosa is a natural antiviral and prevents the spread of infection.
  • Vaporizer: Try using a vaporizer in your room. Add some Vicks vaporub to the water in the vaporizer. This will humidify the room.
  • Backrub: Get yourself a backrub. Its good for the immune system. 
  • Eat light and non spicy food.
  • Wear clothes that are loose and light.
  • Raw tulsi: Raw tulsi (basil) leaves can be chewed for getting relief from viral fever symptoms.

Note: Try these home remedies for viral infections. If fever continues, consult a doctor immediately.