Comfort in Flight, Tips for a Comfortable Flight, Exercises During Flight to Avoid DVT

Air sickness is a problem face by many while travelling in plane. While for some, the sickness is genuine, for others, psychological factor is a problem with people on planes. Many people have this psychological problem that their flight experience is going to be unpleasant. They then sit inside the plane and start focusing on all the little small factors like slight cramp in their leg, nausea, headache etc. etc. So what do you need to do to stop or avoid this? Well, the answer is to just relax and to enjoy the flight as much as you can. Just relax and read a book or play on a GameBoy. Apart from anything else just relaxing will help your muscles to relax and this will stop you from being as uncomfortable.  Try some of these tricks to reach your destination rested and content.
Comfortable Flight

For a Comfortable and Healthy Experience

To make your flying time most comfortable, consider the following factors:

Before the Flight
  • Please drink lots of water before the flight.
  • Control the intake of alcohol, tea and coffee.
  • Avoid eating heavy.
  • Wear loose clothes.
  • Wear slippers if it is possible instead of formal shoes. The reason is that your feet will be swelling as a result of the pressure. Slippers are great because they are comfortable.
  • Nourish your skin fresh by applying moisturiser.

During the Flight
  • Please drink lots of water.
  • Control the intake of alcohol, tea and coffee.
  • Avoid eating heavy.
  • Remove your shoes if you want to and stay barefoot.
  • Light exercises help in avoiding cramps and optimizes blood circulation.
  • Read a book or just lie back and sleep for sometime. If you can sleep then you should do your best to make sure that you do, as this will help to pass the time more quickly.

Exercises While in Flight
  • While you are seated, rotate your ankles, stretch and flex your leg muscles, arms, shoulders and neck at regular intervals for relaxing the body and boosting the blood circulation.
  • Occasionally get up to stretch your legs. Every now and then make sure to get up and go to the toilet and you will feel better for it when you sit back down.

Exercises during Flight
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Feet Exercises
DVT is a blood clot in a deep vein. There is a slight risk of developing DVT if you remain seated in an aircraft for a prolonged duration. Therefore, during your flight, it's important to regularly get up and walk around or carry out the exercises in this guide.